Tse Lup factory

Tse Lup Factory

Kabinburi Industrail Zone Layout


Tse Lup Factory

Tse Lup has proven its leadership in the manufacture of precision metal stamping parts and CNC machining products. With years of expertise and technological gains, it has inbuilt in itself a special capability to realize product visions of its customer. A confidence to meet and achieve the design challenges of today’s world.

With its ability and customer satisfaction, Tse Lup has grown over the past years from its first precision metal stamping establishment at Singapore in 1977. In 1980’s, it was already well rooted with the MNC’s located in Singapore.

1992, saw its expansion plan come to life with the relocation of its manufacturing plant to Johor, Malaysia, while maintaining Singapore unit as its strategic marketing and administrative headquarters. In a short time, in 1995, the operations in Senai, Johor came under its own factory land.

With its attainment of customer confidence in Singapore and Malaysia, launched its operation of yet another new plant at Ayutthaya, Thailand in 1998. Tse Lup, well established in Thailand, with its goal to serve further into new ventures, embarked on its plan to build a new plant on its own land in Kabinburi, Thailand in 2012. Successful completion paved the way to shift its operations from its Ayutthaya unit to its own more spacious Kabinburi plant in 2013.

Until today, its metal stamping proficiency and technical accomplishments are far more superior and stays distinguished. Its quality stamped with its skillful expertise. Today, Tse Lup Technology (Thailand) Ltd. offers tool design and fabrication, metal stamping, CNC machining and other secondary finishing processes.

Together with its deep rooted experience and years of multinational customer support, Tse Lup moves ahead on its next step to meet the challenges of developing new generation where creativities come into existence, by investing in the right infrastructure, to gain in tomorrow's technological advances.

Tse Lup stands as a Board of Investment (BOI, Thailand) registered company. With its ISO quality certification, Tse Lup proudly serves its diverse and international clientele in the Automotive, Audio & Visual Equipment, Camera, Computer Peripherals, Power Supply, Sanitary and other specialized precision equipment industries.